I enjoy photographing all of life’s moments.

My love affair with horses began when I was a child in my home town of Irvine in Scotland, We have a festival each August that dates back to the middle ages, where we celebrate the visit to our town by Mary Queen Of Scots. The festival consists of picking five high school girls, one will be the Queen and the others her four Mary’s. What’s this got do with horse’s I hear you cry, Clydesdale’s the size of house’s when you’re a wee boy. The parade would consist of men called Carters riding the well decorated Clydesdales, followed by an open top carriage with the Queen and her four Marys in lavish costume’s. It draws Irvinites home each year, it’s a fabulous tradition, and as lovely as the girls are in their costumes, they take second stage to the strength and nobility of the Clydesdales, it is a sight you won’t forget easily, watching those majestic equines go by. Since those days I have taken every chance that has come my way to be around horses, photographing them is a privilege.


What about photography? I had my aha moment in 1979 when I borrowed a friend’s camera and found out if you shoot on automatic you get rubbish photos. I immediately packed my things; moved to Dublin, got a degree and have not looked back. Came to America in 1987 by invitation of the same friend. I have lived in Knoxville the entire time. Got my green card, started a business, met some truly amazing people and have seen all of this beautiful country. It just goes from strength to strength and for that I’m grateful. Thank you to everyone who has helped and encouraged me along the way.